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The Absence of The State

The enthusiasm of “desa membangun”, or developing village spirit has become a massive phenomenon throughout Indonesia. Legal protection which manifested in Village Law (Undang-Undang Desa) has reversed the situation within one’s village, from developing less to developing more with variety activities and changes. Many supra-village parties then try to analyze this phenomenon by their understanding and curiosity. Therefore, many research then emerged and presented bunch of data demonstrating various achievements from “desa membangun”. For instance, Smeru Institute (2018), found inequality data has increased in villages that are increasingly building village infrastructure. This data implied there is positive correlation between village infrastructure development with inequality and disparity that appears in one’s village. Fortunately, this data is examined in critical manners and not only understood as a different result from different activities. There was an initial process that did not perform properly, resulting the data Smeru has found earlier.

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